Frequently Asked Questions Part 2 - r/PiratedGames (2024)

Part one here

There are a lot more good sites out there but only the total foolproof ones will be added to the Megathread (MG).

Experienced pirates (or computer users in general) can use any website they like.

They need not stick to the Megathread sites only. They will/should know how to handle consequences.

For those who are new here, the Megathread is meant to be a safe bet for them.

So a list of additional concerned common questions and answers is compiled below for convenience.

Most of our decisions are based on self-imposed piracy ethics.

People may question how can a pirate, who steals others work, have ethics? Well most of us do.

We have preferences and we have ethics. Those who want to use any site can use any site. Just don't expect us to comply with things that are immoral to our ethics.

As a reminder, we do not support doxxing, carding, distribution of cracked accounts or malware. They are in contradiction of piracy and will not be tolerated here.

Below are some common questions and their answers:-

A) IGG games had past cases of imposition of their own DRM to their game downloads (mostly small indie), which is contrary to piracy which aims to remove DRM. They also had a history of Doxxing against their competition. Doxxing goes against our and common pirate ethics.IGG will not be added any time soon because of their past behavior.

A) They can mean nothing to you. You are free to use any site you want or like. It is your PC. But let me ask you this, if you're just a lowly pirate, then why does adding untrusted sites to the MG matters so much to you? You just want the game right? So therefore, use any site you want, untrusted sites will not be added.

A) Upon our inspection before, they were verified as safe.

But no, they won't be added to the megathread for the same reason as we will not add SteamUnlocked to the MG. Another reason is their falsification of reviews by promotion of themselves through greed of other users for free cracked accounts. This is immoral to our ethics and will not go unnoticed. Also they are charged with obfuscation of blatant self-promotion.

A) Ocean of games has vast amount of games, of which a few have been reported for having trojans by users . While many of them are false-positives, a small proportion of them are legit and though they(OoG) could be blamed for getting releases from wrong places, their site would not added as trusted.

Proceed with caution and common sense when using their PC games site. OceanOfApk is safe.

A) They have been proved to have past cases of malware distribution with their old C:S releases and therefore they are untrusted. They may be safe now, but would not be added to the MG as their past cannot go unnoticed. Just like with the situation of the former CorePack Repacks. They had malware once, they are untrusted.

A) Avast and CCleaner are untrusted but they are not unsafe. Untrusted because of their previously unknown sharing of usage data. It can now be opted out from their settings, but they will stay untrusted in the MG. If you do happen to use these softwares, remember to opt out of everything in their respective Privacy Settings menu.

A) If the site is listed in the Megathread, it is safe. Verified by us, yours truly, the Mods.

If you are in doubt, ask in the subreddit.

But If it is any of the sites from the text above, it will be removed for reduction of redundant posts.

If you have proof that the trusted sites, are in fact, unsafe, spark the discussion. We will all listen.

A) You can. Just send us a modmail and we will investigate or verify things out. Please note our investigation may take days, and even then the site may or may not be added due to reasons.

A) You can go check out the megathread/wiki of r/Piracy and r/FreeMediaHeckYeah. They are both trusted.

A) You can go and check the sidebar of r/Piracy, megathread of r/PiratedGames and the list of common questions and answers here.

A) Check CrackWatch website here or/and the more reliable r/CrackWatch Subreddit. A preDB site may also be useful.

Frequently Asked Questions Part 2 - r/PiratedGames (2024)
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